I have specialty in these fields:


FOH engineer

I have significant experience as front-of-house engineer. I am comfortable with high-spec equipment but am able to quickly adapt to unfamiliar equipment and get the best out of tired old systems when necessary, even with minimal soundcheck time. As a musician, I understand the needs of fellow musicians and am able to accurately represent their artistic vision into technical reality.

Monitor engineer

As a monitor engineer, I mix in-ear monitors but am also perfectly comfortable mixing wedges and any combination of the two. I have a calm exterior, even under stress (often very important for this particular role), whilst also having the urgency and vigilance that the job requires at all times. I pride myself in creating seamless mixes with any necessary adjustments.

System technician

I have experience with most modern sound reinforcement systems – line array systems and classic PAs, system processors, as well as digital / analogue consoles and radio systems. I am able to help fellow Stage technicians and light technicians as I have basic knowledge in their work. If/when things inevitably go wrong, I have the practical knowledge to swiftly troubleshoot and resolve problems under pressure.